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Esports Overview

The Need for Esport Programming

Video games can strengthen a wide range of cognitive skills including problem-solving, spatial attention, multi-tasking, and improved memory. Gaming has also been shown to improve communication and teamwork skills and aid in the social and emotional development of younger gamers.

From an organizational perspective, esport competitions can keep a group connected and energized even while away from the field.

Esports has traditionally been limited to ultra-competitive, high-stakes tournaments and leagues, disregarding the casual or recreational level. To address this disparity, SAY Soccer has partnered with Mission Control.

About Mission Control

Mission Control is a St. Louis company focusing on recreational esports. Comprised of leaders across the esport and youth sport industries, Mission Control utilizes the nature of gaming to drive connection through digital competition.

By creating recreational leagues, Mission Control is creating structure for casual esports. Kids can look forward to their Super Smash Bros. game the same way they would a soccer game.

In 2022, SAY Soccer will be offering esports programming on a national level, with opportunities available for all the pillars of our organization, including players, parents, referees, coaches, and even SAY alumni.

Players will be divided into two groups for major competitions: minors (17 years old and under) and adults. 

How it Works

Mission Control has built a simple and familiar platform to guide recreation professionals in hosting esports for their communities. Benefits of esports include:

Building Community by engaging your organization in an activity they already love.

Gaining Insights to further understand your organization through the collection and analysis of data

Creating Revenue by choosing to charge registration fees for your esports leagues.

To use Mission Control’s software, each organization pays in all three of the following ways:

  1. Launch - a one-time setup fee for onboarding, launch support, and a focused marketing push.
  2. Annual - recurring fee for access to platform, tools, and customer support.
  3.  Transaction – if organizations choose to charge for registrations, Mission Control collects a transaction fee. Customers who choose to charge players a registration fee to join their leagues will receive 90% of the revenue while 10% goes to Mission Control

For more information about how you can bring SAY Esports to your SAY program please contact the SAY National office:

Emmett Kresslein
National Communications Manager
[email protected]

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