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Referee Overview

SAY Soccer provides a wide variety of referee educational materials and support for referee educators. Online training, referee testing, and assistance in organizing referee courses are all items that SAY soccer can assist with. SAY National Referee and Rules Committee (SNRRC) is a committed group of referee educators that strive to assist all members in better educating new and returning referees. They are a great support system to all our SAY programs.

YOUR Referee Program

SAY Soccer aims to provide you with the freedom and flexibility to create and establish a thriving referee program that best suits your community. From recommended referee qualifications to online training and testing  SAY Soccer is here to give you support when needed and provide the tools to be successful.

Recommended Referee Qualifications          

Referee Training

The intent of the SAY Referee training is to provide you with the basic information about the Laws of the Game and some useful additional information. This will allow for more focused training during the classroom training. It will also shorten the number of classroom hours required. Finally, it is hoped that this training will be more fun and enjoyable to learn the facts of the Laws of the Game.

SAY Online Training           Concussion Training            

Referee Testing

SAY Soccer is committed to educating our Referees, we hope that the implementation of our new and updated testing materials will help you, your Referee educators and your Referees be better prepared to control the fields. 

Entry Level Referee Test:  The Entry Level referee (EL7) is a 50-question test can be used for a new or entry-level referee. 

Intermediate Level Referee Test: The Intermediate Level Test (IL4) is a 60-question test that is more challenging and covers topics such as offsides and difficult restarts.

Both tests are available in print for a small fee, as a free PDF or online via Google Docs.

Referee Testing   

SAY Playing Rules

The current Rulebook is published in a searchable PDF format. The rulebook is a clean, easy-to-read document with updated charts, images and diagrams. Searching for specific rules has never been easier and referees will now be able to download the SAY National rulebook onto their handheld devices for quick reference if needed. The most up-to-date changes will always be found in our online rulebook.

You can order rulebooks as you have done in the past. The rulebooks are the same as last year with a new rules document inserted in the book and an informative tag on front that will help direct members to our online Rulebook.

Rules of the Game            SAY Playing Laws Rulebook          SAY Organizational Rules 

Referee Gear

Sator Sports, Inc. is the official goal and equipment provider to SAY. This partnership allows SAY members to purchase soccer goals and equipment directly from qualified and reliable sales representatives. Additionally, this partnership allows SAY’s focus to remain on servicing its members across the country, yet still providing a great member benefit.

SAY members also have access to “SAY Specific” items sold directly through the National Office, such as:
·         SAY Rulebooks
·         SAY Patches
·         SAY Referee Training Materials

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