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SAY Soccer is NOT theTypical Soccer Organization!

Our goal is to assure your youth soccer community is receiving personalized attention. We recognize needs will vary from league to league and aim to provide the flexibility and support to assist you in reaching your goals and objectives.   SAY Soccer encourages interplay with other SAY organizations, as well as Non-SAY organizations.

The Soccer Association for Youth, USA (SAY Soccer) was founded in 1967 in Cincinnati, Ohio where it remains nationally based today. SAY provides a wide array of services and support to our members including but not limited to insurance, coaching and referee support, legal and administrative support, US Soccer Affiliation, publications for all members, Online Store, and an opportunity for children to experience the game of soccer in fun safe environment. SAY Soccer is "The" Leader in Recreational Soccer Support.

Brief History of SAY

The Soccer Association for Youth was established 1967, in Cincinnati, Ohio. A Board of Directors comprised of eight people met to organize a youth soccer program. Each director had a great vision for the program and immediately saw the possibilities for a national program. Members from the Finneytown area of Cincinnati and a German Club, Schwaben, located in Western Hills, initially formed the SAY organization with approximately 400 players and 27 teams.

The following 10 years found soccer exploding in the United States. This trend had a positive impact on the SAY organization. In 1977 the organization had grown to 29,000 players in two states. SAY Soccer was becoming a dominate power for recreational soccer in southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Moving into the 1980’s, organizational and playing rules have been firmly established and the increase in player numbers was still on the rise. Player numbers were in the neighborhood of 71,000 players and 4,731 teams by 1988.

Moving into the 1990’s, SAY Soccer continued to expand into several other states across the US (87,000 players), move to a more simple and refined Board of Directors, and most importantly, several committees were set in place for the good of the organization.

In the years 2000 to 2010 SAY Soccer breaks the 100,000 player mark and continues a growth trajectory. The organization takes significant steps to increase the footprint of our retail equipment store with sales continue to increase over the next twenty years. Standards for risk management, recording player data, and communications with members are significantly improved during this time.

2011 to present day, SAY Soccer leadership sets a path for future stability and growth. We celebrated our fifty year anniversary in 2017 with a fantastic celebration. A focused National Board and staff set lofty yet achievable goals for education, cost reductions and data management. Through strict financial oversight and responsible budgeting, SAY Soccer purchases its first National Office in its fifty-year history. This unprecedented move establishes a working foundation for future generations of SAY Soccer members while continuing our goal of low player fees and providing significant member benefits.

The Future, SAY Soccer understand that the needs of individual clubs will vary from city to city and state to state thus, in addition to our core offerings, we provide assistance that is tailored to the specific needs of your community. Our aim is to be flexible to meet your ever-changing needs while providing the stability and backing of a national organization affiliated with US Soccer Federation.

A professional and courteous staff is always available to assist you. Select 'Contact Us' from the menu above to view the SAY National Staff Page. The organization is now governed by a National Board of Directors comprised of 10 members from all over the country.


SAY Benefits


  • Our National Office is available day and night
  • Administrative issues
  • Legal Expertise
  • Program and rule interpretation
  • Roberts Rules of Order Definitions
  • Training and support for volunteers
  • Onsite visits to Personally assess your needs
  • FREE Promotional items: Patches, sign up posters, water bottles, stickers, pencils etc products will vary


  • A full line of Coaching Gear at the SAY Soccer Store
  • Team Packets for all SAY Coaches (includes offers from Partners, Rulebook and Coaching Manual)
  • FREE Coaches Manual updated annually
  • FREE Coaching Clinic for all New SAYAreas (SAY or NSCAA hosted)
  • Half of NSCAA non-residential courses up to your first 20 coaches (Save thousands $$$)
  • Age and experience specific training available


  • SAY Accepts referee qualifications from USSF, AYSO and more!
  • SAY National Rules and Referee Committee (SNRRC) keeps the rest of us honest.
  • Train the Trainer Program approved and supported by SNRRC.
  • Develop your own referee program with Recommended Referee Qualifications from SNRRC.
  • On site visits also available.


  • Equipment and supplies at below wholesale pricing
  • Non-Profit Rates
  • SAY Soccer Leagues have buying accounts: order online or by phone; we ship and bill the club
  • Our National Office stocks 90% of the merchandise that we sell
  • Merchandise will be shipped within 24 hours of order placement.
  • In most cases, orders are shipped the very same day. We accept Visa and MasterCard.


General Liability Insurance: indoors or outdoors, from player clinics to tournament games, from pre-season fund raisers to post-season awards banquets, from field opening to field closing, SAY has teamed up with K&K Insurance to bring your Area and Districts $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy which insures those involved in organizing or administrating any SAY sanctioned event. Those covered include administrators, referees, coaches, field maintenance workers, concession stand workers and other volunteers for bodily injury and property damage alleged to be caused by their negligence.


You can review SAY's Accident Insurance Plan Summary and Liability Insurance Program Summary.There are also additional insurance policies that can be purchased for an individual (Catastrophic Injury Coverage) or for a District or SAYArea (Directors and Officers Coverage, Crime Insurance Plan or an Equipment Insurance Plan).


  • In an effort to save the trees...many of SAY Soccer's publications are electronically distributed
  • Cyber-Circle for administrators
  • Ref News for, you guessed it, referees
  • SAY Coaching Manual, a FREE online resource for all SAY Coaches
  • SAY Rulebook FREE to all SAY Coaches includes 17 FIFA laws of the game adapted to SAY by SNRRC
  • SAY Coaches Club free to anyone  - sign up HERE
  • AND one time a year a publication for the SAY Administrators "THE TOUCHLINE"

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