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Board of Directors/Compliance Confirmation    

Submit this form once per year to confirm your organization's compliance with the SAY National Risk Management policy and to maintain Liability and Accident Insurance for your members. 


This form is required to be submitted two (2) weeks before practice begins for the season.
SAY programs MUST pay for all players in their PRIMARY season.
SAY programs MUST pay for any NEW players NOT returning players in their SECONDARY season.

Count players by name NOT by numbers. This is very important to ensure proper registration.

***PRIMARY SEASONS are defined as either Fall (July 1 - Dec 31) or Spring (Jan 1 - June 30) typically your primary season in the season with the most players.***


SAY programs MUST pay for any additional players within 30 days of the first game.
SAY prLY need to pay for new players who were added after the seasons initial payment OR new players who are participating in your secondary season.
ograms ON

Count players by name NOT by numbers. This is very important to ensure proper registration.

Roster Data Submission    

As an affiliate of SAY Soccer all membership must submit all required player and coach information digitally within thirty (30) days after the beginning of each season.

Refund Request     

If you are a SAYArea / District that made an initial registration payment, and now need to reconcile a negative number of players please complete the form below. if you have questions please contact the SAY National Office.

Count players by name NOT by numbers. This is very important to ensure proper registration.

Medical Release      

Every player within your organization MUST have a parent or guardian complete this form.  

Hold Harmless With COVID - 19   

Click the link above to access the latest Hold Harmless form for participating members. this new form includes waiver/release for injury, loss and communicable diseases including COVID - 19. as a reminder every player within your organization MUST have a parent or guardian

sign off on this statement. 

**If you use Sports Connect as your registration platform and integrate with SAY Soccer this updated form will automatically be added to your program set up**



Participate in Open Tournament     

To participate in a non-SAY event, please submit this completed form and team roster via email to [email protected]

Host Tournament/Event      

To host a SAY sanctioned tournament/event, please submit this  completed form and tournament/event rules via email to [email protected] 

Tournament Roster     

This is a SAY Soccer Official Roster. When accompanied by valid SAY Soccer player cards no further proof of team or player registration is required. The "Participate in Non-SAY Event" form must be completed to play in any U.S. Soccer-affiliated competition.

Other Resources                                                             

Game Scheduling Template    

This document can be used as a tool to help Areas, and Districts set their season schedules.

SAY Logo Download                    

While SAY does not require our groups to use our branding, we strongly recommend utilizing our current logo when and wherever necessary. Through featuring the SAY logo on your teams’ uniforms and in your media efforts, you recognize and represent the value behind the SAY philosophy.

SAY Service Award    

This local Area/District award is meant for leaders with outstanding work, commitment and dedication to serving others in the youth soccer community.


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