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Existing Member - Annual Registration Steps

                   STEP # 1 - 

Board of Directors Listing (link)

Submit this form once per year to maintain Liability and Accident Insurance for your members. 

STEP # 2 -


Registration/Reconciliation (link)

Submit this form each season prior to 1st SAY sanctioned event. (i.e. practice, fun day, fundraiser)

STEP # 3 -


Roster Submissions (player template) (coach template)

Submit all rosters within 30 days after the beginning of each season.

Note: Blue Sombrero users have the ability to automatically submit rosters through their Blue Sombrero account.  Non-Blue Sombrero users must complete the templated links above.  (Detailed Explanation)  

STEP # 4 -


Risk Management Compliance (link)

Submit once per year to acknowledge your SAY league is complying with SAY Risk Management Policy. 

Review the Risk Management Policy in full (link

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