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Law VI - Assistant Referees



If only one referee is available to officiate a game, the referee may appoint two "club" linesmen to assist only by indicating when the ball goes out-of-bounds.


Two trained, neutral assistant referees may be appointed by the referee administrator, whose duty (subject to the decision of the referee) shall be to indicate:

A. When the ball is out of play;
B. Which side is entitled to a corner kick, a goal kick, or throw-in;
C. When a substitution is desired;
D. When a player may be penalized for being in an offside position;
E. When misconduct or other incident has occurred out of the vision of the referee.


The assistant referee shall also assist the referee to control the game in accordance with the Laws

The referee should provide the assistant referees with flags to be used in the game.

In the event of undue interference or improper conduct by an assistant referee, the referee dispense with his (or her) services and arrange for a substitute to be appointed, and the matter shall be reported to the competent authority.



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