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Law XV - Throw-In


When the whole of the ball has passed over a touch-line, either on the ground or in the air, it shall be put in play by a throw-in in any direction at the point where it crossed the line, by a player of the team opposite to that of the player who touched it last.

The thrower:

A. At the moment of delivering the ball, must face the field of play and part of each foot shall be either on the touch-line or on the ground outside the touch-line and part of each foot shall be in contact with the ground, and

B. Shall use both hands, and shall deliver the ball from behind and over his or her head

All opposing players must remain at least two (2) yards from the thrower until the ball is in play.

The ball shall be in play immediately upon entering the field of play after having been released by the thrower, but the thrower shall not again play the ball until it has been touched by another player.

A goal may not be scored directly from a throw-in.

The Offside Law does not apply at the taking of a throw-in

A. For an improper throw-in, it shall be taken by the other team. The same shall be true if the throw-in is not taken at the point where the ball went out.

B. For playing the ball a second time, an indirect free kick shall be taken by the opposing team at the point of the offense.

-------------------------------- NOTES --------------------------------

1. If a player taking a throw-in plays the ball a second time by handling it within the field of play before it has been touched or played by another player, the referee shall award a direct free kick.
2. If, when a throw-in is being taken, any of the opposing players dance about or wave their hands in a way calculated to distract or impede the thrower, it shall be deemed unsporting behavior, for which the offender(s) shall be cautioned.
3. If the ball does not enter the field or hits the ground before entering the field, the throw-in is retaken.
4. In a Passers (U8) division game when an improper throw-in is taken, the referee should stop play, explain the proper procedure to the player and allow the throw-in to be retaken.

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