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Law IV - Players' Equipment


    Prior to any game the referee shall inspect the player's equipment and prevent any player whose equipment does not conform to
    the requirements of this Law from playing until such time as it does comply.

    A player shall not wear anything which is dangerous to another player or himself or herself.

    The basic compulsory equipment of a player shall consist of:
      ·  a shirt
      ·  shorts
      ·  socks
      ·  shin-guards
      ·  shoes


     A.  All players on a team must wear shirts of the same color
     B.  The goalkeeper must wear a color different than that of either team and the referee
     C.  It is the responsibility of the home team to change to a different color if the two teams normally wear the same color
     D.  Numbers on shirts are required, and must be different for each player. However, when a team must wear alternate shirts,
           because of a color conflict, such shirts need not be numbered
     E.   For an unresolved color conflict, the referee may permit the game to proceed.

     ·  are covered entirely by the socks
     ·  are made of a suitable material (rubber, plastic, or similar substances)
     ·  provide a reasonable degree of protection


     A.  Shoes shall be made by well-known manufacturers and designated as soccer footwear are legal, as are gym shoes.
     B.  Shoes shall be properly tied (or otherwise appropriately fashioned)

      A.  Illegal equipment:  The following shall be considered examples of illegal equipment, and shall not be worn by any player.

           -  Shin-guards with exposed sharp edges
           -  jewelry or watches
           -  face or spectacle guards
           -  helmets of hard material
           -  any type of cast or splint (other than so-called inflated "air" casts or splints), even though covered with soft padding
           -  knee brace(s) - unless wrapped and covered with soft padding and approved by the referee
           -  cleats with sharp edges
           -  foreign objects in the mouth (such as gum or ice), other than internal orthodontic devices
        NOTE:  The foregoing examples are not intended to be all-inclusive.  The referee may determine other equipment to be illegal
        or dangerous.  However, the items listed in 7-A are to be considered illegal equipment (except as noted) at all times. Use of
        these items shall not be permitted at any time, even by agreement between the coaches and the referee.

     B.  Legal Equipment: The following shall be considered examples of legal equipment, and as such may (except as noted) be
          worn by any player:

           -  soft head wear such as knit cap
           -  goalkeepers may wear gloves
           -  a soft-billed cap or a properly fitted and fastened safety helmet, made of foam or other soft material
           -  hearing aids
           -  eyeglasses, with or without strap
           -  contact lenses
           -  soft glove
           -  warm-up suit, hooded sweatshirts, sweat pants and similar soft apparel - but only if worn under the player's uniform.

     For any infringement of this Law, the player shall be instructed by the referee to immediately:

       1.  adjust his (or her) equipment or
       2.  obtain missing equipment, or
       3.  leave the field of play to do so, if correction on the field is deemed to be impractical 

     A player who has been instructed to leave the field of play shall not return without first reporting to the referee, who shall
     determine that the player's equipment is in order.

     The player shall only re-enter the game at a moment when the ball has ceased to be in play and only with the referee's




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