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Dec, 2021

SAYNEWS - Coach Edition

Dear SAY Membership,
As 2021 comes to a close, SAY Soccer would like to wish you and your community a happy holiday season. We continue to look ahead toward 2022 with the next edition of our offseason newsletter series.
At SAY, we believe an educated coach plays a critical role in creating a positive, safe and fun environment for children. We pride ourselves on supporting environments that emphasize good sportsmanship, encouragement, and fair play. This edition of SAYNEWS explores how coaches can get the most out of their team and have a positive season.
Coach Manual
Updated in 2021, our coaching manual is a great toolkit for any SAY coach, new or experienced. Included in this manual is the coach’s code of ethics, requirements for times-two and concussion policy, and a helpful introduction to competency-based coaching. 
Online Training Hub
We encourage coaches to use all the resources that can be found on the SAY Soccer coaching webpages to develop age appropriate training sessions. You will find entire season(s) of sessions for all age-groups, videos of drills and printable drills.
Why Positive is Powerful
PCA believes encouraging athletes with positive reinforcement helps them hear and heed the necessary corrections. With that winning combination of truthful, specific praise and constructive criticism, athletic performance improves and so do the chances that kids stick with sports longer and learn all the valuable life lessons inherently available through organized competition.

What Kids Really Need from Youth Sports Coaches
There are kids who are serious about a sport and hope to play in high school and college, and there are kids who like the game and want to do well, but their prime motivation is always fun. In either case, hearing more about what they did well rather than what they did wrong provides better outcomes.
USMNT Coach Berhalter: Lessons in Leadership and Positive Coaching
Coach Berhalter walked our audience through his process and guiding principles on creating an environment that positions his team for success, including group leadership models and creating psychological safety to build resiliency in players.
The Grassroots Coaching Partner of SAY Soccer
MOJO provides personalized practice plans featuring hundreds of activities designed by youth soccer and child development experts. MOJO is proven to take the intimidation out of coaching by saving coaches time, reducing stress and making the youth soccer experience a lot more fun. 

United Soccer Coaches
The United Soccer Coaches is an organization of American soccer coaches founded in 1941. It is the largest soccer coaches organization in the world, with more than 30,000 members. It offers training courses for both beginning and experienced coaches and a wide range of award programs.
U.S. Soccer Learning Center
U.S. Soccer is committed to providing all coaches with education tailored to their experiences and the needs of their players. The Coaching License Pathway consists of a series of courses designed to meet the specific needs of a coach at every step of the way. U.S. Soccer believes education is a journey, and our goal is to provide the necessary tools, guidance, and mentorship a coach requires along their way.

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