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Esports FAQ

What is recreational esports?

Recreational esports is the same structured competition that you find in rec league or intramural sports leagues, but simply for multiplayer video games. Spelled "Esports" in titles or "esports" in sentences, esports has traditionally been limited to ultra-competitive, high-stakes tournaments and leagues, but Mission Control is bringing esports to the casual, recreational level.

What is Mission Control?

Mission Control is the platform that you use to gather and grow your community with recreational esports. Organizations access Mission Control through their web browser to create their esports programming, as well as invite, manage and engage with their community. Players download the mobile Mission Control app (on their Android or iOS phone) to join an organization, register for leagues, access their league info (schedule, standings, etc), and communicate with fellow players and administrators.

How are games played?

All games are played on whatever video game platform (PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc) the game is available on, not through the Mission Control platform itself. To participate, players will need the game, its gaming system, any necessary gaming subscriptions (i.e. Playstation Plus, Xbox Live, or Nintendo Online), and internet access

Where are games played?

If you choose to offer online leagues, gamers can play from the comfort of their homes. If you choose to offer in-person leagues, you will need space within your facility along with the appropriate consoles, controllers and games (either supplied by yourself or your players).

When are games played?

You will select days and times that all games are scheduled for. Currently, rescheduling for all leagues is turned off; however, the ability for player to reschedule games directly in the application without any administrative assistance will return very soon.

What games can be played?

Mission Control currently supports 30+ games for competition that range from Fortnite to Rocket League, League of Legends to Mario Kart, FIFA to Street Fighter, and more in between. A comprehensive list—as well as important information like description, consoles, ESRB rating, popularity, and more—can be found when creating a league. Mission Control will continually be adding more titles to the platform, so please let the Support team know what other games your community is asking for.

How do I decide which games to offer leagues in?

While Mission Control offers best practices and suggestions for choosing between its 30+ games, the most important factor in deciding which games to offer should always be your community itself. If your gamers simply do not want to play the games that are offered, then you will struggle to find adoption. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to seek suggestions, requests and feedback from your gamers to inform your program offerings.

How does Mission Control ensure the safety of our gamers?

Creating a fun and healthy environment, especially one that is counter to existing toxic gaming culture, is core to Mission Control’s mission. We hold all gamers to community standards (located within the platform) to ensure that sportsmanship is encouraged, cheating prevented, and hate eliminated.

If there are issues that need reported, players have the ability to contact support immediately from the application, and further actions will then be taken.

How do I address any negative stereotypes around gaming?

Today’s perception of the gaming world carries a wide range of negative stereotypes and concerns. This is why Mission Control equips all organizations with the best research and resources to make informed decisions about the games and structures that best serve their communities. The Mission Control Support team is also there to help with any specific questions or concerns that you or your community may have.

If a game is available on more than one console, do I have to create multiple leagues or can I just create one?

While more games are developed cross-platform today, meaning that online gamers can play against each other using different systems, the majority are not.

For these non-cross-platform games, individual leagues will need to be created for each console that the game is available on (i.e., Madden 21 will require both a PS4 league and an Xbox league). For cross-platform games, however, a single league can be created for all consoles the game is available on (i.e., a single Rocket League league for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One). Information on whether a game is cross-platform or not is available while creating leagues.

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