Practice Ideas (skills & drills)

"NEW" Designing a Practice Session by Roby Stahl
PRIOR TO THE SESSION : What are the objectives of the session? Pick one main objective (KISS – Keep It Short and Simple) Teach one option, when the players achieve that option, add another choice. For More


Technical Practice: The Tahuichi by Jeff Wander
The following session was given by Ciro Medrano, one of the Co-Founders of Tahuichi of Bolivia. The session interpreter was Rene’ Miramontes.  The first activity is a simple one touch back and forth between the players, with the players being approximately 1 ½ yards apart. Approximately half a dozen grids, 5’ x 5’, were set up in a row sharing markers as shown below. 
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Organizing a Practice by Colin Schmidt
Conducting an organized practice is critical to developing the players on your team. Here's an easy "Soccer 1, 2, 3 Practice Planning Model" that enables coaches to plan a practice for younger players who need work on basic soccer skills and on playing together as a team.
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Practice Games beat Drills by David Huddleson
This country still is a generation away from having all youth coaches with soccer-playing experience. This is still an area of concern in terms of coaching. Many youth coaches today find themselves on the sideline because their child's team needed a coach, not because they know anything about soccer. The majority of these coaches may never take a coaching course, but all of these coaches want to find some kind of information that will help them coach the team.
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Practice Games beat Drills Part 2 by David Huddleson
The players should have fun . Games that are fun keep players interested, improve practice attendance and generate more player enthusiasm at practice. Children are more likely to continue to play soccer if they have fun playing at early ages. The challenge is to develop games that are fun, but still teach how to play soccer. The use of silly games, such as Crab Soccer, that are fun but of limited benefit, are not recommended. Most games that involve everyone are by their very nature more fun than drills.
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Practice Games beat Drills Part 3 by David Huddleson
Evolution from a bad drill to a good practice game A bad drill -  There is only one ball, players stand in one line and dribble one at a time through a row of cones and back. This type of activity is boring, inefficient and does not simulate match conditions.
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