Mission & Value Statement

           " To grow responsibly while continually improving the quality of our program."

           SAY Vision Statement:
                      To provide an opportunity for all youth to play recreational soccer.

           SAY Value Statement:

                      Create the opportunity for all kids to play soccer
- Part of national soccer family in USSF
                            - Expand across the country

                      Strive to continuously improve the quality of soccer
                            - "The" world-class model for recreational soccer coaching certification program, fully utilized referee development

                      Operate on a sound financial basis
                            - No deficit budgeting
                            - Positive cash flow throughout the year
                            - Maintain reasonable operating cash reserve

                      Provide adequate insurance for all organizational participants
                            - Provide liability insurance
                            - Provide accident/health insurance
                            - Continue to generate new options and opportunities

                      Keep entire organization healthy
                            - Admit to problems that plague us
                            - Work together to solve any such problems
                            - Accept diverse opinions and ways of getting the job done

                      Monitor/adjust rules to best suit recreational play
                            - Safety: above all else
                            - Fairness: above everything else except safety
                            - Scrutinize suggested changes closely
                            - Unafraid to pilot a rule change

                      Share our successes and celebrate in them
                            - Recognition through awards and ceremonies (very important)
                            - Annual meetings as a forum for celebration of successes